Text Free: Texting App + SMS 应用的评论


Calls from prison

I jus got this app today and I’ve already had two random people call me and ONE OF THEM WAS FROM PRISON DO NOT GET THIS APP IT MAY PUT YOU IN DANGER

Love my Textfree

I text with a friend in NYC and we chat a lot but I don't have text on my phone so this is great for me.

Too Expencive

Why is removing ads $2.99 a month? That’s almost $36 a year! Nextplus only charges $5.99 a year for removing ads. Everything is by the month subscription based. Too much money!

Best Phone Ever

The Service is Awesome!!!.....

Great service

Love having option for international travel.

Good app!

Been using this app for 4 years, no monthly subscription is what had me hooked.

Great App.

I love it!!!! Seems just as if your phone is really on. Sometimes my call won’t come through when my next door neighbor will call me, the texting is great!!!!!


Free texts cool service on good WiFi

Was 5 stars but not anymore

I don’t mind ads for services like this but the new ad locations are beyond annoying, I. fact because of the current ad locations making me annoyed I would never purchase anything that gets advertised to me simply because such intrusive ads placed in annoying locations makes me angry an even makes me consider not using the app anymore.


Great app for privacy calls

Beyond excellent

Have been using now for several months. Works great, just wish there was a way to save messages.

Works well

Seems to work great simple and seamless thumbs up ios

Pics and vids?

Sometimes has trouble sending pictures or videos


Very helpful to mange my personal life and my professional life and have to separate number with out paying the extra $100.00 a month


Love the application

Great free text.

Free and reliable!! How can you beat that?

This is an excellent app

I give it 5 stars


I like it a lot but we need to fix the Breaking up problems


Still The best yet

Awesome App 😀

I love it


Real good.

Great app 👍🏼

Nice app for texting and calling if your using WiFi 👌🏼

Great app but group chat problem

I love this app. Works with WiFi and real numbers but whenever someone adds me in a group chat I can’t exit so I’m getting all these stupid messages that I don’t want to get. How do I leave the group chat? I’ve looked everywhere


I love this app the only thing I hate is we start off with ten minutes and what if there’s something important that we need to talk about! And even if I wanted to get more minutes they cost money!!! And I only get 1 minute for watching adds, imagine trying to get 100 minutes!!!! BRO

It’s a good app

It’s a really good app for iPods and tablets and iPads it’s just if it had more minutes it would be really nice but overall amazing app

Pretty good app

Need to give more than 10 minutes of talk time and also I think you should get 3 mins per video and 5 for the long ones


Very useful.


You are the best


Good service......


Love It


Best free app ever

Great perfect

Love it you can call on an iPod and iPad even long distance the best


I absolutely love this App.

Awesome 👏🏽

Luv this app

Great app

I love this app!!!


Great service





convenient and dependable

I’m more comfortable with this app

It is great

Love it

Thank you !

Thank you such a great helpful app!

God bless this app

Easy to use features fast service and simple to use I wouldn’t change a thang


Much thanks!


Great app. Able to send pic. Have tried video yet. Texting works great.


It’s ok... one complaint is that when you get a call and answer whenever you talk it goes insane... it’s like a seal over and over... That’s it... overall pretty good.


Good stuff

Ads are annoying but good app

Good for a free app

Great free texting app with good phone service too!

I like this app. It works great when I have WiFi and want to make free phone calls. I’ve even used it to stay in touch when I’ve gone to Europe.


I appreciate this free app as it’s helped me out a lot when I’m not able to pay my cell bill this app has really helped me out . Love it!

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