Text Free: Texting App + SMS App Reviews

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Great app altogether. Was very impressed with the calling feature as well. This is something I will be using often!

Text for free call for free

Love this app saves me money


Nice to have when phone cut off


Works great!! Im really pleased!


Works fantastic and easy to use. The only drawback so far as I see it is the fact that you have to earn air time minutes by viewing videos and downloads. Other than that...I recommend this download. I like it.


Just take out the advertising


Tried a few others, but constantly having to change my # made me try Textfree. Best free texting app out there!


I love it, use it very often,quality is better than good

I love how you get to choose your phone number, choose your ringtone, text tone, and it has voicemail

Hi all

This is a really good app

Text free

I really like this app it is amazing I use it for work or play and it costs me nothing wish for more apps like this

Not bad, but not good either.

For a basic texting app, this does the job. It would be a lot more useful if image could be sent / received. Also, the voice calling on this app isnt great.

Very Useful App

Thank you for this app, its very useful.

The Best

Thank you... Good job

Better than magic jack

Nice phone app!!!


This app is amazing. It helps me a lot. :D TRY IT NOW! Hehe!

Awesome app

I love this app.

Loving it

I love this app


Screw this app its just crap!


This app is an awesome app it works super well totally recommend for texting if you want calling get another app cause my calling doesnt work well

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