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I wouldnt get to talk to my friends and family without it

Great App

I use it all the time. One of the best third-party texting apps

Super Fast!

Love the speed of my texts from the US to Dubai. So far the best texting app!


I love the app but there is one big problem if me and my friends want to call and talk on the phone I can hear them but they cant hear me. This is a big problem in my eyes if there is any suggestions for help please tell me.

Wow, live it

I loaded this app cause my helper couldnt get and texts thru AT&T suddenly. (All calls go right to voice mail...) This has more that met my expectations. Yes, there are ads but text for free.

I love the app

Great app!!

Works flawlessly.

Good app but...

The app is amazing dont get me wrong but I wish we could get more call minutes.

Good app

Nice app. Just wished it had more free minutes

Great Texting App

This is a great app and it gives you a free second number. I recommend this to anyone who wants more privacy in their life.


I like it very much I can talk very clearly and firm

Textfree Ultra

Had been on Textfree original for sometime and really liked the ease of using it to text. Then updated ipad to iso10 and began having all kinds of problems. I needed to upgrade to Textfree Ultra. The layout was so different i had trouble navigating. They walked me thru it till i figured things out and now i am happily texting again. Highly recommend this to friends!

Good app

I enjoy using this app, the call quality is just up and down at times, but could be due to wifi signal. otherwise great app and they even offer some calls you make for free if you watch an ad. This saves money. Its only 1.99$ for 100 minutes and texts are free. Ppl do say the texts can come on funny if they are too long I believe. I do recommend this app if you need free texting or need a number you can choose!

Havent tried other sms apps

Pro: cant get any better than free. Con: ads will expand and "trick" you into accidentally clicking them. The rest: I havent tried any other free text apps so I cant say this one is the best; but the fact I havent needed to is a testimony in itself as to how well this app works. Sure there are ad issues but what do you expect from a free service! Want a tip to save even more money? In the US you can get a prepay AT&T plan for $30 a month with unlimited phone and text (national calls/text only) when you set up auto pay it drops it to $25. Take your SIM card, put it in an iPhone, download this app, and you have unlimited international calling and text for $25 a month. Hope that helps someone! Thank you devs for making a quality app!

Great app

This app has been working great. Would recommend to anyone

Great app!

Love this app!

Awesome app!

I love this app!


Love the ap...dont love the ads so close to the send button!

Great app

I love this app

Great for texting. Calls are 50/50.

Texting is great, but calls have some issue 50 percent of the time.

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